Everyman | PSE

Everyman | Production Sound Engineer

Part of my autumn trifecta of shows

Guildhall School of Music and Drama, October 2022

  • Katherine Nesbitt director
  • Amanda Mascarenhas set designer
  • Vanessa Lingham costume designer
  • Livia Brewster sound designer
  • David Monteith-Hodge @photographise photographer

This Milton Court Studio production was part of my engineering trifecta allocation, being PSE for 3 shows at once.

As the production sound engineer, it was my job to facilitate Liv’s design and set up the sound system for the show. this also included the set-up and management of the sound network, OSC network, show relay and comms systems. My highlight of this production was figuring out how to incorporate the live DJ as a part of our sound system so we could have control if needed.

Everyman is at his peak; successful and loved by everyone, when suddenly Death comes calling. Deserted by friends, family and everything he’s built for himself, Everyman sets out on a final frantic search for a friend, anyone, to speak in his defence.  

Award-winning poet and playwright Carol Ann Duffy’s thrilling contemporary adaptation of the fifteenth century play The Summoning of Everyman, is directed by Katherine Nesbitt.