The PokéProject Immersive Experience
Designer & Engineer

The PokéProject Immersive Experience | Designer & Engineer

My Graduation Project @Guildhall School of Music and Drama

Guildhall School of Music and Drama, December 2022

  • Ben Shepherd Designer
    • Sound designer
    • Video designer
  • Ben Shepherd Engineer
    • TouchDesigner Programmer
    • Descuise D3 Programmer
    • Qlab Programmer
  • Special Thanks:
    • Ethan Harris
  • Ethan Harris @bleak_outlook_productions photographer

This production was my Graduation Project at Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

This immersive experience allowed the users to step into the world of Pokémon. Professor Oak and his assistant would introduce you to the open world and you and your new partner, Bulbasaur, could explore the 32cm² environment that filled the room. There were 5 different locations/settings and 12 scenes you could explore on your adventure but you couldn’t view them all on a single trip on this choose-your-own journey.

This passion project was a hard one to put together. Taking on multiple disciplines at once to get the world designed and built took many long nights. Guildhall grad projects usually take 6 weeks to produce, but due to previous allocations and stock shortages, I was left with just 4 and a half weeks to get this project functioning. However, this was still a fun project and a great learning experience. The code of the project was all programmed in TouchDesigner, a program I had not used before this project. Getting all the various assets of this project tied together was a challenge but overall I was pleased with the final designs.

An online version will be released in the future!